Because I am called to serve and express in diverse ways, several projects or campaigns have developed over the years.

I seek to launch further interdisciplinary projects that will spread awareness, utilize all of my skills, and inspire others to find their passion...


THe #Gratitude Movement

#GRATITUDE began as a painting series just before graduating college, that evolved into dozens of blogs, paintings, poems, and several events over the course of 4 years. Linked here you can scroll through the blog that documents each event and the intetions. #GRATITUDE is still evolving, and I don't think I'm finished with her yet. ;)


#HeavenHere was inspired by a poem I wrote, linked here. My goal is to continue to produce several portraits like the one above with stories of abundance, peace and "heaven" connected to them. I hope that these images become icons of what is possible for a better world. My goal is to have shows for this series in 2017. Stay tuned!

#gratitude 2015- Performance Art

Last year was a memorable installment of "GRATITUDE". I created a my first gallery performance piece (that was not live painting. shocking!)

For several hours I wrote the name of everyone I had every met or encountered. I got through about 1,000 names. Read about this process at the link.

*HINT*- Scroll through the images on the Facebook album to see more about how this day unfolded.

Return of the Divine Feminine #RTDF2016

Amen Ra of the Illuminati Spiritual Center and I presented "Return of the Divine Feminine" in honor of Women's History Month. We held 3 exciting and empowering evenings in Los Angeles, Pomona and San Diego featuring dinner, poetry, art, vendors, lecture and discussion surrounding a time in history when women were revered as divine. We shared and explored how women can step back into this space today to truly remember the Goddesses they are.

Rose Drop 4 Peace

(Ancient Newness x The Love Mob)

This gathering in Grand Park,across the street from city hall, was much like a rally or vigil consisting of art, music, poetry, and short speeches. A demonstration of dropping red roses in from of LAPD headquarters symbolized our mourning of all lives lost to Police Brutality. We met back at Grand Park to further connect and build.